Post 3-Do you have any favorite parts of the story?

I have many favorites. I highlighted one of them at the beginning of the epublished book. It is a poignant moment where one of the characters suffers with remorse for his earlier decisions and another offers a paradigm shift.

“Look beyond the present. What really matters were not the animals, the plants or even specifically the people you saved.  Overall, they are only here for a blink. What you did, was save the heart and the soul of the universe’s sentience.”

“Do you really consider sentience the most important reason for being here?”

“I do, Sir. Life itself is such a small beginning. Life is pointless unless it can look at itself and say, ‘I’m disgusting’. Isn’t the  spark of sentient life all that really matters?”

“In that context, my friend, you are correct. Intelligence is a significant step in the evolution of life.”

“Now you understand. We’ll never quit. Given that thought, we have the intellect. We have the skill. We can find resources. We have the drive to do anything we can visualize. Now is our opportunity to prove it.”

This quote focuses on the determination of humankind to survive at any cost. In this case, self-awareness  is the most precious attribute of life.

I’ll post other moments in later Blogs. Thank you for asking.


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