About the Author

About the Author

My life has been interesting.

Often a struggle; rewarding, nonetheless.

I crawled through parched sands of Utah deserts chasing scorpions and snakes. I helped rebuild Earthquake-stricken Anchorage. I pushed through 125 mph blizzards on the Aleutian Islands to dig blocking snowdrifts from doorways. I traveled Europe. I raised accidental quadruplets. I made and lost fortunes starting early high-tech companies. I built and managed a large non-profit organization. I climbed volcanoes (okay, for fun).

None of the above equals the challenge of writing Field of Orbs.

As a reader, I find few diversions more exhilarating than losing myself in an intriguing story where scenes play like a movie in my head. I learned long ago, when life is tough, a headlong plunge into a captivating fictional world could relieve my stress and lessen the brutality of surviving day to day.

Since my early discovery of Science Fiction and Adventure, my passion embraced a non-stop flow of tales by amazing authors. My greatest enjoyment came from stories with plausibility. Fictional chronicles with a strong connection to reality help readers relate to the plot when the fictional world differs.

Over time, I wondered if I could commit a compelling idea to print. Those stories inspired me to try my hand at writing a publishable work.

Can I write an engaging, enjoyable and relatable story? Yes (readers tell me). Can I do better? Yes (readers tell me). The first version of Field of Orbs, seven years in writing, has flaws. The story is sound, but a 433,000-word tome is hard work. Even a single pass edit can take several months and miss plenty.

I tried to create a compelling story with characters you can touch. I wanted believable physics and situations ending as would real-world events. I wanted images to play in the reader’s head like a movie. Looking at numbers alone, the story seems long. Some who read it get a perspective shift from a second time through. They enjoy it more, discovering the depth and hidden clues.

I began with one important goal in writing “Field of Orbs.” I tried to create an exciting and unsettling story demanding reflection.

Since 2011, a rewrite is in progress. My life is as chaotic as before, so effort on the Tetralogy is slow. For status on the evolution of each volume, check the blogs.



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