Field of Orbs – Volume One
– Battle for Innocence –

This is the first Volume in the four part Field of Orbs serial.

These chapters are here first with the eventual goal of publishing.

New chapters will appear as they are completed.

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I hope you enjoy reading them.

Gregg Mattson


Field of Orbs – Volume One: Battle for Innocence

Book of Beginnings: Life Hurts

Zero: “Attack”

One: “Enchantment”

Book of Milieu: Twenty Years Later

Two: “Game”

Three: “Cause”

Four: “Mission”

Five: “Outing”

Six: “Credibility”


02/05/2018 – Volume One is complete.


The final volumes are written and in various stages of edit and re-edit.

The Field of Orbs Series

Volume One: “Battle for Innocence”

Volume Two: “Discoveries of the Ancients”

Volume Three: “Struggle for Hope”

Volume Four: “Cradle of Life”

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