A number of readers have asked me questions about my book, “Field of Orbs”, relating to the characters and story. My hope for this blog is that I can answer those questions (when they don’t spoil the story) and provide insights to the process I used for writing this novel.

     The approach to developing “Field of Orbs” as a Science Fiction story was to keep the science low-key and a normal part of everyday life.

     The technology moves ahead of technology available in 2017, enough to enable some of the goals for the story. Many of the technologies were in their infancy, or were a natural evolutionary next-step, from when I researched for the story. Given that constraint, the adventure follows the lives of a number of characters as they experience exposure to multiple challenges.

     My Posts to the right will answer questions I get about the story.

     Thank you for your interest. Tell your friends.

     For more details on the story, find the book on the main page. Select the “Smashwords” button to read 10% free.

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