Why Four Volumes?

When I published Field of Orbs in January 2011, many readers expressed concern about the story’s length. I wrote the story as one volume because, in spite of my dubious ability to spin riveting prose, it runs a fascinating course. I felt separate books could cause unwanted interruptions, making the concept incompatible with the story flow.
In its present format, I’ve received some 3 am phone calls having the specific intent to call me names. After I’m awake, I hear their complaint. I’m an *expletive* because the second half of the book kept them reading without taking a break until the end. The ending twists stun them. The late-night calls are good reviews of the original format. Rewriting the story as a serial appeals to many readers. Publishers tell me smaller books add the benefit of allowing physical publishing.
With the story complete and reviews coming, rather than investing the effort to market the existing book, I began a rewrite. I thought creating a trilogy should be a straightforward slam-dunk. Nope. I struggled most the next year to make three sections work into three serial volumes with no satisfaction. I gave up, finding no resolution.
I wish life would allow accomplishing my plans in the time I desire. Opportunities and disasters don’t flow in trouble-free currents. Chaos stepped in to have its way with me for a few years. In 2014, after abating the chaos, I restarted my attempts to salvage the trilogy. I thought over time, I learned a few things while away, or I acquired a fresh viewpoint. Either way, the trilogy couldn’t work. I discovered the story has four natural segments. I had to bring out some element in the first book to make a complete story.
Over a year later, the story does work as a serial. The hacking inflicted pain but stays faithful to the original tale. The first volume sets the story in motion. The next two add to the adventure and the fourth volume answering all the questions.
The first book is in the final edit, and I expect to publish it in April August 2017.
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